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Welcome to Llewellyn Plumbing!

As your trusted local plumber, we have a rich legacy of over 70 years in serving the Utah County area. Our story begins back in the early 1950s when Harvey Huff and his son-in-law Robert Llewellyn joined forces to establish Huff-Llewellyn Plumbing. Over the decades, our commitment to excellence and family values has stood the test of time

Llewellyn Plumbing

Originally founded on a legacy of skill and dedication, the business was eventually passed down to Robert's son, Blake Llewellyn. Today, Llewellyn Plumbing is proud to be owned and operated by the next generation, Todd Llewellyn, continuing the tradition of providing top-notch plumbing services with a personal touch.

5 Star Plumber
"When I have called the Llewellyn Plumbing they have always been kind in helping me to resolve my problems. I have used this service for over 20 years in one way or another. They will schedule and keep their appointments on time."

James Palmer., 2023

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